Vom Weidenhaus German Shepherds

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V Zamira vom Faltenweg
(V Faiz v.d. Schmietranke x V Umelie v. Faltenweg)
IGP2, Kkl, "a1"HD-ED normal

Breed Survey

Medium-sized, medium-strong, very expressive bitch with a desirable mask, high withers, straight back, sufficiently long croup in good position, balanced chest proportions, correct height to length, very good hindquarters, good forehand angulations, straight front and behind, very good ground covering gait with good balance and powerful rear transmission. TSB: Pronounced, Let’s Out Advantages: Suitable for improving Size, Pigment and Anatomy

SG Cherry von neu Garmond

VA1(RUS), JCH (RUS, LIT, BEL, RSVNO) Margman Yan IPO-1,OKD-2, ЗKС- 2. x SG Nelli De Orse Mak Flai

SG Margman Wella IGP1 KKL

VA 1 (EST)/SG 27 BSZS JHKL 2013 Nika von Nord Traum IPO1  x  V6 (BSZS 2015), VA1 (EST, LV, LT, FIN) Pepe vom Kuckucksland IPO3

SG1 Ketty Bis Berg BH, VT

VA1 BSZS Willy vom Kuckucksland IPO3 KKL granddaughter!!   

Uli vom Bastaw 

VA6 SP Xenos von Nürburgring IGP3 x  Tina vom Bastaw Ipo1 ,BH

Uli is linebred on  VA4 (I), V2 BSZS 2012 Wallaby vom Kapellenberg SCHH3, IPO3 Kkl 


V Marielle vom Amur SCHH1, KkKL1
RIP Sweet Mara Bug

Vom Weidenhaus German Shepherds

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